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A Guide to Enjoying Sushi on A Budget

by Oliver Hall

Living on a budget can be difficult and eating on a budget can be even harder… especially when you are a sushi enthusiast.

Sushi can be relatively heavier on the pocket as compared to a street-side shawarma or hummus; it is more just than a delicacy, after all. Sushi is more about the experience of art, culture, and flavor. Here is a little guide to help you better navigate sushi offers Dubai and live under your budget without depriving yourself of your favorite Japanese delicacy:

Look for Discount Vouchers

Companies like Groupon can be of great use when you want to eat as much as possible without spending an arm and a leg.

You will find quite a few vouchers for Sushi restaurants which can save you considerable amounts of cash depending on how long you are staying or how many people you are traveling with.

The vouchers start with AED 30 and go above AED 100, so suit yourself.

Sushi Offers Dubai

All You Can Eat Deal

It is safe to say that all you can eats are designed in empathy with food lovers who cannot afford to sell their kidney for the meals they crave and love.

All you can eat offers are cost-effective and thrilling and are a great way to enjoy a good meal with your friends or loved ones.

Make a list of all the restaurants and hotels that have the all you can eat offers and pick the one that best suits your budget. The Samurai Sushi and Grill Restaurant, for example, have an All-you-can-eat Sushi, Sashimi and Maki rolls offer starting from AED 89.

Weekends Deals

Be it a casual and fun Japanese restaurant by the Jumeirah Beach, or a sophisticated, fancy hotel based in the heart of Dubai, there will always be a weekend offer you can take advantage of. There are a variety of restaurants and hotels in Dubai, that offer deals during the weekend. Do a little research as there are plenty of articles that mention about these deals. It is the best and most affordable way to enhance your sushi experience, as this cuisine is usually on the higher end.

Whether you like to eat meat or follow a strictly vegetarian lifestyle, you can easily pick a place that best suits your budget and satisfies your sushi needs. Just keep your cravings on hold until the right time and offer, and then go hunting for the fish!

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