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A Guide on Caring for Your Flowers and Keeping Them Fresh

by Oliver Hall
Flower Company Dubai

Flowers are lovely gifts ideal for different occasions in life. A set of flowers can lighten up any space and leave an immemorial impression after that. Whether you have received birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, or a complimentary bouquet from any prominent flower company Dubai, you’ll want to enjoy them for weeks, if not days.

Sadly, flowers last for a short while, but there are some great tips that can help improve the health of your plants and prolong their lives. Uncover the following plant care tips to guarantee longevity of your flowers.

Floral Preservative is a Great Deal

Whether you buy your flowers from a premium flower shop or at a local store, you must be given a floral preservative to put in the water. Floral preservatives will protect your plants and they remain lively and last longer.

Reduce the Stems

Reduce the size of the stems b 5 centimeters. Garden shears, a knife or pair of scissors are perfect for trimming plants. Trim the flowers slantwise so that they can absorb water quickly when placed at odds with the surface of the flower jar. Do this regularly to ensure the flowers remain fresh at all times?

Add Vodka

One of the crucial aspects of keeping flowers fresh for longer is to discourage the spread of bacteria and to increase the amounts of ingredients to the flowers if it hadn’t been trimmed. Pour a couple of vodka drops and one spoon of sugar to kill any bacteria present. Also, ensure to replace with fresh water regularly and put fresh vodka and sugar as well.

Avoid Heat, Windows, Sun rays, and Fruits

Flowers will live longer around a relaxed environment and far from direct sunlight. Don’t put them near items produce low or extreme heat such as air conditioners, computer, ceiling fans, or television.
Meanwhile, open windows dehydrate plants faster. Don’t put fresh fruit near them as fruits produce the gas than reduce the life of flowers.


Aspirin is a proper medicine. They have been proven to keep your flowers fresh for longer. Crush a tablet of aspirin and place it in the water before inserting your flowers. Add some aspirin every time you replace water in the flower jar.

Prune Excess Leaves

Get rid of leaves that protrude toward the water line discourage outbreak of bacteria. Check the petals regularly to pluck of weak and rotten leaves. This is more vital in mixed sets with different flower types with varying blooming times.

Hair Spray

Hair spray not only preserves hair but also keep flowers looking fresher. Stand a meter away from the flowers and spray them on the undersides of the foliage.

Choose a Good Vase

While feels like cliché, it works and makes a huge change. Heavy and massive flowers must be trimmed and be placed in a short vase to create sufficient room to support apiece. You can place vulnerable plants in a taller jar.

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