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The Ultimate Guide for Buying Michelin Tyres

by Oliver Hall

When buying Michelin tires Dubai, you may get a little overwhelmed because of the wide range of tyres available. You may not have a clear idea as to which kind of tyre would be perfect for your car. Here are some tips to make tyre shopping quick and easy.

How to Check If You Need New Tyres

First and foremost, check your car tyres to know if you need a new set or not. If you observe any excessive tread wear, cracks or bulging, it is time to buy new tyres. If your tyres have been in service for 6 years or more, then it is high time that you change your car tyres.

Car Manual

Your cars come with an in-depth car manual. Stop pushing it deeper into the glove box and read the information it has to give about your tires. Your car manufacturing company informs you about the kind of tires they have provided you with. An information placard is given to inform you about the size, brand and material of your tyres. Remember these specifications when buying a second set and don’t stray too much from them.

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Buy A Set

Don’t just buy one Michelin tyre when one of your tyres gets worn out. Buy a whole set because chances are the other ones will get worn out soon as well. Buying Michelin tyres in a set is a better option because then you will be able to keep a check on all of them and when they need to get repaired or replaced next. Besides it looks aesthetically unappealing.

Check Your Spare Tire as Well

When replacing your tyres, check on your spare tyre too. Check its air pressure or check for any sign of damage. While you’re replacing your standard Michelin tyres, consider if your spare is damaged and needs to be replaced too. This way your spare will also be the same size and brand.

Online Purchase

We urge you to try online tire shopping. Most of the time, tires online are cheaper than buying them at actual stores. It offers easy comparison and selection. Tyres are delivered to your home in a few days and tyre fitting services are also available. You can always buy Michelin tyres online from Tires & More.

After buying a good set of Michelin tyres, check on them regularly to make sure they‘re optimizing your driving experience.

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