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Five Qualities of a Good Trainer

by Oliver Hall

There are a number of certified workout trainers in Dubai that would help develop the perfect gym routine or personal workout for you and also guide you through it. However, some are more concerned about the profit than your improvement. If that is not the case, then they simply don’t really know what they’re doing. Did you recently hire a workout trainer Dubai? Are you doubting his skills? Or are you on the lookout for one? Below are some of the things every good workout trainer should do to help you get fantastic results and also make you comfortable. Your trainer should check most of the boxes and, if they don’t, you should probably dismiss them.

Communication Skills

Communication is key. A good workout trainer should be interested in your questions and doubts. He should also be able to communicate effectively what you’re supposed to do. Being able to motivate you and knowing when to be a bit strict with your routine or technique is also really important for your growth.

Takes Notes

Most times, we need someone else to help track our progress. This is the job of a good workout trainer. After every session, he should take some notes about the number of reps you were able to do, your posture, etc. Measurements can also be taken. Comparing the data during each new session will help point out any signs of improvement.

Workout Trainer Dubai

Maintains Professionalism

In as much as your trainer is supposed to make you feel comfortable, he is also supposed to maintain a level of professionalism. This includes being punctual, not spending time on his phone during the session, not being too interested in your personal life, and so on.

They Are Knowledgeable

This is a factor that is really important but often overlooked. Each exercise or routine has a “science” behind it. You should be able to get that information from your trainer. Why that particular exercise? What are the target points? What are the benefits? Are there things you should avoid doing? A good workout trainer would be proactive and explain the action before you even ask.

Is Empathetic

A lot of trainers only know how to push and keep pushing their clients to their limits. While this can help, it shouldn’t be this way all the time. Your trainer should have empathy and know when you’re doing your best and also when to slow down.

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