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Five Qualities to Look for in a Personal Trainer

by Oliver Hall

With the growing number of professional gyms and fitness centers around us, finding the best personal trainer in Dubai has become difficult. An experienced trainer would help develop the perfect gym routine or personal workout for you and guide you. However, some trainers may lack the essential skills or would not be focused on your improvement. Did you recently hire a workout trainer in Dubai? Do you doubt his skills? Or are you on the lookout for one? Below are some of the critical characteristics of a good workout trainer who will help you get fantastic results and make you comfortable. An ideal personal trainer should check most of the features mentioned below.

Communication Skills

Communication is an essential element to understand a person clearly. A good workout trainer should be interested in your questions and doubts. He should also be able to communicate effectively every minute detail of your workout routine. They should also motivate you and strictly ensure that you are on your routine to gain a significant difference in your body fitness.

Takes Notes

A personal trainer can efficiently track our progress without bias and give us a clear picture of what we have achieved so far and what else we need to do. After every session, an ideal trainer would take some notes about various details such as the number of repetitions you were able to do, your posture, etc. Some also would take measurements to precisely track your bodily changes. By monitoring data, they can easily compare your initial and developing stages and point out any improvement signs.

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Maintains Professionalism

Apart from providing you a comfortable atmosphere to workout properly, a trainer should also maintain certain etiquette that defines his/her professionalism. These professional norms include being punctual, not spending much time on his phone during the session, not unnecessarily intrigue into your personal life, keeping all the conversations respectful, among others.

They Are Knowledgeable

The advent of free online fitness videos and other mediums have reduced the demand and need for real knowledge. Every exercise or routine has a “science” behind it, which needs to be understood to have significant results. You should be able to get that information from an expert trainer. They would be able to answer every query – Why perform a particular exercise? What are the target points? What are the benefits? What to avoid? A good workout trainer would be proactive and explain the action themselves.

Is Empathetic

A lot of trainers only know how to push and keep pushing their clients to their limits. While it is appropriate in the case of lazy clients, in some cases, people would lack behind due to genuine problems. Your trainer should be empathetic to understand your situation properly and then act appropriately. They should be able to identify when you’re doing your best and also when to slow down.

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