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Tips to Rent A Car with A Professional Chauffeur

by Oliver Hall

When you are in the UAE, you can rent some marvelous car models from top rental companies. You can also avail of a trained chauffeur if you don’t know how to drive, or don’t feel like driving. The rental company will arrange for a top-class driver for you, who will drive your luxury
rent a car Dubai in and around the city. But you need to keep in mind a few traits of an ideal chauffeur before hiring him.

Driving Skills

The driving skills of the person you hire needs to be of high standard. He should be aware of the traffic rules of the region. Also, he should be considerate of other vehicles on the road. There may be some accident-prone zones in the city. The driver should be careful when driving in those areas. He should not be a rash driver.


The appearance of the driver in case of a car rental is an important factor. He should be well-dressed, preferable in a high-class suit. Travelling in a luxury car centers on class and style statements. You must travel on a luxury car that has a well-groomed chauffeur.

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Driver’s Knowledge

What will happen if your driver does not know the various routes in the UAE region? You will lose your way down the road or in the desert! You surely don’t want that to happen, when you rent a car. Knowledge of various routes is a critical asset for any top-rated driver. Enquire with the car rental company about the chauffeur’s know-how regarding different routes in the UAE.


Have you ever thought about the confusion that will occur when you can communicate to your driver only in sign languages? Suppose you know English, and your chauffeur knows only Arabic. There will be miscommunication and you will have a very poor experience. A driver needs to know at least a couple of languages. English is usually the connecting language in case of a reputed rental company.


You surely don’t want your driver to be an unprofessional fellow. Talking too much while driving or making you wait at a few signs of unprofessionalism. You may enquire about the customer ratings of various chauffeurs in a rental company.

Adhering to these points will help you to choose a top-class chauffeur when you are booking a luxury car.

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