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The Do’s and Don’ts of Renting or Leasing A Car

by Oliver Hall
Renting or Leasing a Car

Even after getting that perfect car from the perfect rental company, certain protocols must be set in place and certain rules and regulations must be followed. Many rental companies have restricted areas you can go in their car, restricted kilometers you can travel in their car as well as a restricted amount of people having access to drive the car. All these are set in place to prevent damages and accidents that could incur additional charges and discontentment on your part. So, whilst getting that car, have in mind that it is only a temporary arrangement and would be returned in the same condition at which it was gotten

The Do nots of Renting or Leasing a Car

Check The Car Status Before Use

Issues between rental/lease companies have skyrocketed due to misunderstandings like the status of the car before and after delivery. Checking the status of the car, brakes, scratches, amount of fuel, side mirrors, interiors before finalizing the deal can really come in handy. Taking pictures can help to avert this situation. To be on the safe side, have some evidence to show just in case you get blamed for damage you’re sure you didn’t cause.

Limit Access to The Car

This especially comes in handy if you are on a vacation with your friends and of course, there are a thousand and one ways that could go wrong. Limiting the access of other people to the car would help you keep track of the damages and the areas covered by the car. Some rental companies give maximum kilometers the car can travel and go beyond that would be an automatic violation and would attract extra charges.

Avoid Airport Car Rentals

While landing in Abu Dhabi or any other airport in the UAE, you will find many car rentals options, doing so can cost you quite a substantial amount of money you might end up not satisfied with the quality and delivery of the car. So instead of simply take a cab to a legal rental company, it is quite cheap rent a car Dubai per day. Along with poor services, airport rentals could also come with hidden charges and shady deals.

Leasing a Car

Avoid Car Stunts

As beautiful and attractive the streets of Dubai might be, car stunts are certainly not something to indulge in. If you don’t want to end up paying more than you bargained for do not perform car stunts with a rented car no matter how good a driver you think you are. Accidents and damages to the car will certainly not be ignored by the rental company so before pulling that drift on that sharp bend put your budget plan for the vacation in mind

Do Your Research

Nothing is more frustrating than getting drawn into a case you know absolutely nothing about. Knowing all there is to know about the rental company you are patronizing will go a long way to keep you in the safe zone. It’s no news that some rental companies run on stolen cars with histories of fraudulent practices, hidden charges, and dissatisfied customers, running proper research on the company would avert future misunderstandings or court cases.

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